We welcome applications from international students from all over the world. We encourage well-qualified international students who desire an excellent education in a Christian community to apply for our bachelor’s degree 项目.

The following requirements must be met before a student can be fully accepted into 希望国际大学:

  1. 入学申请. 您可以:
    • 在线申请 (你必须有信用卡来支付40美元的申请费)或者
  2. 两种参考表格:
  3. 个人陈述. Write a one page (at least 350 words) composition explaining your desire to attend 希望国际大学. 包括:
    • 你为什么选择在HIU学习
    • 你的家庭和教会对你决定参加HIU的影响
    • How you see your educational goals as being useful in advancing the mission of Christ
    • 在做最终的大学选择时,哪些因素对你来说最重要?
  4. 学历资格证明. 考虑录取的学术要求是:
    • 美国最低相当于2分.高中(中学)平均绩点(GPA).
    • 美国最低相当于2分.0 college (post secondary school) grade point average (GPA) -- for a transfer student.

    Official high school (secondary school) and/or university transcripts must be sent directly from the school or institution. 原件必须是英文. We accept translations from any recognized official translation agency with their seal of authenticity and accuracy. 不接受个人翻译.

    All foreign transcripts must be sent to an agency for evaluation according to the United States grading system. 我们推荐以下五种国际学历评估服务: 世界教育服务, 美国教育研究公司, 全球服务协会, 国际教育研究基金会, 学历评估机构. 成绩单评估费用将由胜博发体育app支付.

  5. 英语语言能力证明 - Students must meet one of the following (note: Hope's testing code is 4614):
    • 托福(作为外语的英语考试)
      • 新托福网考
      • 雅思(国际英语语言测试系统.5 .整体范围带,带6.最低分0分
    • SAT成绩达到或超过900分,或者
    • ACT成绩不低于20分,或者
    • A year of university credit earned (24 credits) and approved by the 希望国际大学 Registrar. (For example: course transfer credit, International Baccalaureate, A-level examination marks). 这些学分必须证明你的英语水平.
  6. 经济资助证明 - Students must be able to verify they have the financial ability to support their stay in the U.S. 我们要求:
    • An 经济支持宣誓书 form
    • A current bank statement or official letter from the bank verifying a balance $36,676, 减去任何经济援助.
  7. SEVIS申请表格
  8. 胜博发体育app健康史
  9. 新胜博发体育app宿舍合约

* If you are a F-1 student transferring from a college/university in the U.S.,你需要填写一份表格 移民身份核实表格 并将其包含在申请包中.

International students are eligible for consideration of academic or athletic scholarships. Students of 希望国际大学 cannot receive both an academic and athletic scholarship.

It is 希望国际大学's policy that all international students must pay all tuition, 房间, 伙食费和杂费 in advance of enrollment for classes for their initial semester. 费用支付明细如下:

Hope reserves the right to require one full academic year of tuition before issuing an I-20 document. 至少,作为资金核查的一部分, an initial deposit of the total first semester's tuition must be paid in full to obtain the I-20. This advance payment will remain on 胜博发体育app account until 胜博发体育app arrives at Hope and will be used towards the first semester of tuition, 房间, 伙食费和杂费. If 胜博发体育app is unable to attend Hope due to visa denial or some other reason, the money will be refunded after the arrival date on the I-20 has passed 和 the original I-20 has been returned to Hope. In this case, immigration officials will be notified that 胜博发体育app's I-20 has been terminated.

胜博发体育app到达校园时,他或她将被要求 支付本学期的剩余学费, 房间, 董事会, 以及上课前的费用. 在第一学期内完成规定的押金和付款, 国际胜博发体育app要交学费, 房间, 伙食费和杂费 in full for each subsequent semester in order for registration to be processed.

在你被霍普录取并交了定金之后 . . .

  1. You will receive your I-20 (for F-1 students) or DS-2019 (for J-1 students) from Hope
    • The Designated School Official (DSO) will send you an immigration document known as the Form I-20AB Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 Student Status (I-20 for short!) or Form DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for J-1 Exchange Student Status (or DS-2019 for short!).
    • We cannot send you an I-20/DS-2019 until you are accepted and make your deposit. 希望国际大学是美国政府要求的大学.S. 联邦法律通过书面申请来决定你, 胜博发体育app, 在学术上合格, 语言, 以及在大学攻读学术课程的资金.
    • Please allow 3 weeks from the time you have been accepted and made your deposit to receive your I-20/DS-2019.
  2. When you receive your I-20/DS-2019, make an interview appointment with the U.S. 你所在地区的领事馆或大使馆.
    • Do not make your interview appointment before you receive your I-20/DS-2019! 虽然I-20/DS-2019可能会在存款后一周内到达您手中, 邮件服务可能会有延误. 如果你需要连夜或催促你的I-20/DS-2019, 希望保留要求胜博发体育app补交费用的权利.
    • If you are curious as to how long it may take you to make an appointment with the U.S. 领事馆或大使馆,见 签证等待时间 网站.
  3. 通过以下方式支付SEVIS I-20/DS-2019费用 www.fmjfee.com,或者看看你所在国家的美国.S. 领事馆或大使馆网站.


  4. 收集所有必要的文件,带着去面试. 使用以下清单!
    • Form I-20 (be sure to sign item #11) or DS-2019 (be sure to sign at the bottom)
    • 填妥的签证申请表(DS-156, DS-158,如果适用,DS-157).
    • 签证申请费收据
    • SEVIS I-20/DS-2019费用收据
    • 两张2寸x 2寸的指定格式照片
    • 有效护照
    • Documentary evidence of financial support (such as a sponsor or school scholarship letter)
    • F-1胜博发体育app:证明,原始银行对账单或收入证明
    • 希望国际大学录取通知书
    • 托福考试
    • Any information that proves that you will return to your home country after finishing your studies in the U.S. This may include proof of property, family, or other ties to your community.
  5. 放松,为一场精彩的面试做好准备!
    • 如果你获得签证, keep all the above documents plus your visa to show when you enter the United States.
    • 如果你无法获得签证, you must return your I-20/DS-2019 form to 希望国际大学's 国际胜博发体育app项目办公室 before we can issue you a refund of your deposit. The deposit will be refunded to the original sender and bank account in the country of origin.
  6. 联系 国际胜博发体育app项目办公室 让我们知道你的签证面试结果! 也请让我们知道你的旅行安排, when you will arrive at Hope and if you would like us to meet you at the airport. 如果您想让我们在机场接您,请发电子邮件给 ISP的办公室 the name of your airline, your flight number, departure and arrival times.
  7. 一旦你到达Hope,请把你所有的文件带到 国际胜博发体育app项目办公室, located on the second floor of the Lawson-Fulton Student Center (where all the flags are).
获得美国胜博发体育app签证的小贴士 (可列印的PDF文件).
签证小贴士及资源 (可列印的PDF文件).