Sport Psychology

Bachelor of Arts in Sport Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Sport Psychology program is designed for students seeking a wide knowledge base in the science of human thought and behavior as it applies to sport, 锻炼, and athletic performance.  This includes optimal performance, 心理健康, and well-being of athletes and sport-related professionals, nonprofit organizations and agencies, and community sport and recreation services. This degree prepares students for graduate study in various specialties, including 项目 in therapy, 体育运动心理学, school sports counseling, and related helping professions. 


What you will Learn in HIU Bachelor in Sport Psychology

Upon completion of the Sport Psychology degree, students will be able to articulate an understanding of the theoretical foundation of the psychological processes that influence human performance in athletic settings. Students will be able to engage in critical 研究 and demonstrate psychological principles and skills utilized to enhance sports performance.


Sport Psychology Classes

Coursework for HIU’s Sport Psychology degree focuses on theory, 研究, and practical application of essential skills related to the field of Sport Psychology. Topics covered will include motivation, 成就, 信心, performance anxiety, 归因, 团队凝聚力, 体育专业知识, 锻炼 psychology, 损伤/恢复, along with mental skills and tools such as goal setting, mental imagery/visualization, 自言自语, 呼吸法, and other mental and physiological control tactics.

Specific courses include:

  • Sport Psychology
  • Sport and Psychotherapy
  • Mental Skills and Tools
  • Careers in Sport Psychology
  • Sport Psychology Current Issues and Ethics


Popular Careers and Jobs for Sport Psychology Degree

With a degree in Sport Psychology, you can combine your passion for sports with your desire to understand human behavior. With a BA in Psychology or Sport Psychology, you can use your undergraduate degree as a foundation for graduate school for pursuit of a post-bachelor education in related fields.


Career Opportunities

  • Sport Psychologist
  • Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC)
  • 教练
  • Athletic/Academic Counselor
  • 运动研究人员
  • Teaching/Academia
  • Motivation/Lifestyle Professional
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Marriage and Family Therapy


Financial aid is available.

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Career Opportunities

  • 训练
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • Marriage and Family Therapy
  • 教授
  • Sports Administration
  • 体育经理
  • 体育营销
  • 体育治疗师
  • 老师

Real World Opportunities

As is the case with all majors at HIU, Sport Psychology majors have a number of opportunities to take their studies off campus. Each student works closely with an academic advisor who helps identify opportunities for 研究, 奖助金, and internships based on the student’s individualized study plan. 除了, we highly encourage you to take advantage of our study abroad 项目, which will provide you with an opportunity to experience different world cultures.